The mission of the Tulsa Literary Coalition is to effect social change and bridge cultural, ethnic and religious divides through literature; to leverage community resources by partnering with existing nonprofit organizations to help them achieve their missions by adding a literary component to their services; to foster the love of reading and build a community of book lovers in order to distill the literary energy in Tulsa.


The Tulsa Literary Coalition was founded in late 2015 to provide programs such as:

  • Book discussion groups that use fiction and narrative nonfiction to initiate dialog about difficult subjects, such as race, sexual identity and religious beliefs
  • Panel discussions featuring subject matter experts that use literature as a means of discussing social and cultural issues that affect our city (homelessness, racism, mental illness, poverty, etc.)
  • Lectures by local university professors that teach adults and older teens how to approach literature as art and how to get the greatest benefit from reading
  • Free consultations to existing and start-up private book groups in order to encourage and support book discussion as an important means of social connection, intellectual and emotional growth
  • Collaboration with other arts organizations in the Brady Arts District to create cross-discipline synergy
  • Free writing workshops that encourage self-expression and foster understanding



February 23, 2016 (Tulsa, Okla.) – Tulsa has always been a literary town. Perhaps that’s why international literary luminaries Sir Salman Rushdie, Ann Patchett, David Sedaris, and Jonathan Franzen, along with local literary legends Nancy Pearl and Teresa Miller have joined the Advisory Board of a new local non-profit group, the Tulsa Literary Coalition (TLC). Read More >>


Executive Board of Directors

  • Jeff Martin, President
  • Susan Mase, Vice President
  • Patricia Chernicky, Treasurer
  • Cindy Hulsey, Secretary

Executive Director

  • Cindy Hulsey, MLIS

Elected Board of Directors

  • Alison Anthony
  • Craig Rainey
  • Ryan Jude Tanner
  • Susan Thomas

Program Director

  • LeeAnna Weaver, MLIS

Advisory Board

  • Blake Bailey
  • Jonathan Franzen
  • Teresa Miller
  • Ann Patchett
  • Nancy Pearl
  • Sir Salman Rushdie
  • David Sedaris
  • Lane Smith
  • Daniel H. Wilson


Thank you to our generous donors for supporting our mission.

Founding Donors ($10,000 and above) as of May 20, 2016

  • Cheryl and Richard Groenendyke
  • Pam and Lee Eslicker
  • The CHANGE Fund
  • Susan and Bill Thomas & Jill and Bob Thomas
  • Susan and Bob Mase
  • Williams Foundation
  • Patricia Chernicky
  • R. Shannon Hall and Cindy Hulsey
  • Teresa Knox and Ivan Acosta
  • Steve and Gwen Malcolm
  • Craig and Christine Rainey
  • Ryan Tanner and Jay Krottinger

Additional Donors

  • Bart and Kathleen Hall
  • Alison Anthony and Mark Wilson
  • LeeAnna and Jim Weaver
  • Jeff and Molly Martin
  • Alan and Peggy Hulsey
  • Shirley and Steve Gidley
  • Teresa Miller
  • Rebecca Howard and Joy Kelly
  • Laura and Clifton Raphael
  • Moore Elementary PTA in honor of LeeAnna Weaver
  • Mike Newman
  • M. Beth Webb Ozmun
  • Tom and NeMar Noulles


Coming early 2017 to the M. B. Brady Arts District is Magic City Books, a local bookstore that is a project of the Tulsa Literary Coalition. All profits from the store will be donated to the Tulsa Literary Coalition to fund literary programming in our community.

"Tulsa has been, ever since I was about 19, the place in America that reeked of literary magic to me."
–Neil Gaiman


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